Go From Feeling Embarrassed About Your Body to Loving Every Inch of Yourself With
The Body Confidence Method
12-Week Live Program
For Women Over 40 Who Are Ready To Feel Confident In Their Body
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"Gets to the heart of the issue, and it's not food!"
"This program catapulted me to a place where I could begin to take the tools that I had learned and apply them to loving myself and my body."
—Allison C
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I've Been In Your Shoes...
Constantly struggling with diets and exercise routines, spending countless hours each week without seeing lasting results.
Draining finances on various weight loss programs, supplements, gym memberships, and trendy diets, yet still feeling dissatisfied with your body and self-image.
Strained relationships due to low self-esteem and lack of body confidence, feeling disconnected from loved ones and hesitant to fully engage in social activities or intimate moments.
Overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of conflicting advice on diet and exercise, leading to confusion, frustration, and a sense of hopelessness in ever achieving lasting body confidence and self-worth.
 If we haven't met yet...
Hi! I'm Beckie Kullberg 
My journey to embracing my body was filled with struggle and pain. I found myself in toxic relationships, battling self-doubt, and shrinking away from life's opportunities because of my lack of confidence.

But then, at 49 years old, I made a pivotal decision—I declared myself worthy of self-love and body acceptance. It was a moment of profound realization, a "This Is Me" awakening akin to The Greatest Showman.

As I drove, I had a monumental epiphany: my worth wasn't tied to my body size or shape. From that moment on, I committed to treating myself and my body with kindness and love—and in return, it treated me the same. This life-altering realization birthed The Body Confidence Method, through which I've since guided others to their own transformative "aha" moments.

Join me—it's time to embrace your journey to self-love and body confidence.
My mission: Support as many women as possible to love the woman they see looking back at them in the mirror.
 —Beckie Kullberg 
What if you could finally embrace your body with confidence and self-love with proven exercises, mindset coaching, and personalized guidance and use The Body Confidence Method to transform your relationship with your body forever?
There are 3 steps to the
body confidence you crave
Embrace Your True Self
Through guided exercises and discussions, you'll uncover the root of your negative body image beliefs and learn to embrace your authentic self. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to self-acceptance as you redefine what beauty means to you.

Cultivate Inner Strength
Gain the tools and techniques to cultivate inner strength and resilience. Learn how to navigate societal pressures and external judgments with confidence, empowering you to stand tall in your own skin and embrace your uniqueness.

Radiate Confidence
Experience a profound shift in how you view yourself and your body. As you release self-limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset of self-love, you'll radiate confidence from within. Say goodbye to self-criticism and hello to a life filled with joy, vitality, and unstoppable confidence.
Which is EXACTLY what you'll get when you join
The Body Confidence Method
Empowering Women Over 40 To Embrace Their True Beauty
...and so much more!
12 Weeks Of Deep Dive Topics
Each week, you'll receive both morning and evening meditations tailored to the topic at hand, designed to retrain your brain for lasting transformation. Additionally, the live training sessions are complemented by a downloadable PDF workbook for your convenience, allowing you to easily print or save it for future reference.
Week 1

By releasing resentment towards both yourself and others, you pave the way for healing and self-acceptance, creating space to nurture a positive relationship with your body.
Week 2
Body Acceptance

By acknowledging and embracing your body as it is today, you initiate a journey of self-love and empowerment, fostering a positive mindset essential for genuine transformation and lasting fulfillment.
Week 3
Your Relationship With Food

By fostering a positive connection with nourishment, you lay the groundwork for honoring your body's needs, promoting vitality, and a harmonious relationship with yourself.
Week 4
Moving Your Body

In the journey toward body confidence, moving your body becomes a joyful expression of self-care rather than a form of punishment.
Week 5
Self Talk

A nurturing and compassionate inner dialogue, akin to how one would speak to a beloved pet or cherished child, celebrates your body's unique beauty and worth.
Week 6
Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin

Through mindful practices and self-compassion, you can cultivate a profound sense of ease and acceptance allowing you to embrace and celebrate your body's inherent beauty and uniqueness with confidence and grace.
Week 7
Self-Love & Worthiness

By embracing self-love and acknowledging your innate value, you embark on a journey of profound self-acceptance and empowerment, fostering a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment within yourself.
Week 8

In the pursuit of body confidence, understanding your happiness set-point is pivotal, and increasing it creates a solid foundation for embracing and celebrating your body.
Week 9

Gratitude for your body's strength, resilience, and beauty, you deepen your appreciation for its innate wisdom and capacity to support you, fostering a profound sense of self-love and acceptance that transcends physical appearance.
Week 10

Whether you're new to tapping or have experience with it, this practice enables you to release emotional blockages, cultivate self-compassion, and foster a deeper connection with your body.
Week 11
Creating a Beautiful Space

A clean, organized environment that brings you joy and excitement, you set the stage for a positive mindset and self-image, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-love as you adorn your body with clothing that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
Week 12
Summary & Recap

By consolidating your learnings, you solidify your understanding and application of each technique, empowering you to navigate your journey toward body confidence with clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose.
What To Expect:
Join Beckie and an intimate group of women for weekly 60-minute live Zoom calls to help you stay on track and receive real-time answers to your questions.

Start your week with new AM & PM meditations every Monday to retrain your brain and boost your self-confidence in social situations.

Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals and make new friends along the way.

Let go of limiting beliefs through weekly assignments designed to promote personal growth and self-love.
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Is This for You?
This isn't just a dream—it's the reality waiting for you.

  • Picture a life where every step is taken with newfound confidence, where insecurities are replaced with unwavering self-assurance.

  • Imagine waking up each morning, looking in the mirror, and loving every inch of yourself.

  • It's time to rewrite the narrative of your life and step into the radiant, empowered version of yourself you've always longed to be.
Join our next LIVE group!
We start on Monday, April 8, 2024 
with 60-minute calls each Monday @ 3:00 pm pacific/6:00 pm eastern
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This program will guide you to grow in self-love and body confidence. It will provide you with a roadmap for identifying and practicing healthy habits and to let go of those habits that do not serve you. You will have the opportunity to connect with Beckie and with other women on the same journey. —Jodi P
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