My INTENTIONAL Life Planner 

Are You Ready To:

💃 Eliminate overwhelm?
💃 Increase Productivity?
💃 Live an INTENTIONAL life?
💃 Have more energy?
💃 Achieve your goals?
💃 Let go of perfectionism and focus on progress?

It's all inside and waiting for you.

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Take Your Dreams and Make Them Reality
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Meet Beckie Kullberg, the driving force behind the My INTENTIONAL Life Planner and a dedicated High Performance Coach with over seven years of experience in inspiring and guiding individuals towards their peak potential.

Beckie has not only made goal creation and achievement her life's work but also her personal mantra. Her passion for seeing others succeed is the cornerstone of her coaching practice. 
Here's What's Inside
Learn How To Create An On-Purpose Life
Your search for the perfect planner is over! This is a combination of goal setting, brain dumping, master to-do list, AND you can use it for your daily calendar too!

Key Features:

🌟 Empowering Goal Setting: Embrace goals that ignite your passion and challenge your limits. From envisioning year-long dreams to breaking them into actionable two-month milestones, each step is crafted for consistent motivation and true alignment with your deepest aspirations.

🌟 Comprehensive Wheel of Life Assessment: Gauge your starting point in key life domains such as health, relationships, and career. This powerful tool offers clarity on growth areas and where you’re already thriving..

🌟 Focused Two-Month Timeframe: Bid farewell to the overwhelm of distant goals. Hone in on what's achievable in 60 days, prioritizing progress and attainable triumphs.

🌟 Celebrate Small Victories: As you reach the end of your journey, celebrate your victories, learn from setbacks, and lay the foundation for your next transformative chapter.

🌟 Cultivate Gratitude and Mindfulness: Infuse gratitude practices and mindfulness into your daily life, ensuring your journey is not just successful but also deeply fulfilling.

🌟 Focus On What’s MOST Important: Eliminate overwhelm with a daily practice of the only To-Do list you will ever need..

🌟 Elegantly Crafted: A joy to use, with premium construction and an intuitive layout, making planning a delightful endeavor.
Who this planner is for...
Action Takers: People who are not just dreamers but doers, ready to take concrete steps towards their aspirations.
Productivity Seekers: Individuals who want to optimize their time for maximum efficiency and results.
Visionaries Planning for a Big Year: Those with a clear vision for the future and who are gearing up for a year of groundbreaking achievements.
Ambitious Entrepreneurs: For those who are setting their sights on expansive growth and success in the upcoming year.
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Who this planner is NOT for...
Casual Goal Setters: Those who set leisurely, long-term goals without a sense of urgency or a concrete plan.
Skeptics of Structured Planning: Individuals who doubt the effectiveness of using planners and organizational tools.
Resisters to Change and Challenges: People who prefer to stay in their comfort zone and avoid challenges.
Anti-Planners: Those who prefer to live without structured plans or goals and enjoy a more spontaneous approach to life.
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