Go From Overwhelmed by Failed Resolutions To Consistent Life Improvement
One New Habit Per Month is for Those Who Seek a Fulfilling and More Productive Life

Avoid common pitfalls of setting too many goals at once and embrace gradual, sustainable growth that transforms your life one habit at a time.
Break the cycle of disappointment and embrace gradual, impactful change that sticks.
Discover how to easily lock in one habit at a time
Build a solid foundation that allows habits to come naturally
Build self confidence & trust with each successful new habit
Celebrate wins every step of the way
What To Expect Once You Hit "Start The Challenge" Button
  • Confirmation email (add admin@beckiekullberg.com)
  • Welcome email has all of the goods, video and pdf workbook to mine for your most desired new habit and track its progress
  • Monthly emails to encourage you with helpful and sustainable tips
  • Have fun!
Is This Challenge For Me? šŸ™‹ā€ā™€ļø
It doesn't matter if you are a entrepreneur, stay at home mom, or an executive in the corporate world, you are made up of a million habits...do they serve you? If no, then creating one new habit per month challenge is definitely for YOU!
Hi, Iā€™m Beckie Kullberg, High Performance Coach

Have you ever started a new habit and then have it fall short within a few weeks or days? Yes, so have I. Usually it was because I started a whole bunch of new habits at the same time...this is a recipe for losing.

I wanted to win!

That's when I discovered the power of creating one new habit per month, then in one year I would have 12 new solid habits. Sign me up!

This is a proven system for you to easily focus on one new habit. Join me, it's completely free.

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